cheroot.errors module#

Collection of exceptions raised and/or processed by Cheroot.

exception cheroot.errors.FatalSSLAlert#

Bases: Exception

Exception raised when the SSL implementation signals a fatal alert.

exception cheroot.errors.MaxSizeExceeded#

Bases: Exception

Exception raised when a client sends more data then allowed under limit.

Depends on request.body.maxbytes config option if used within CherryPy.

exception cheroot.errors.NoSSLError#

Bases: Exception

Exception raised when a client speaks HTTP to an HTTPS socket.

cheroot.errors.acceptable_sock_shutdown_error_codes = {32, 104, 107, 108}#

Errors that may happen during the connection close sequence.

  • ENOTCONN — client is no longer connected

  • EPIPE — write on a pipe while the other end has been closed

  • ESHUTDOWN — write on a socket which has been shutdown for writing

  • ECONNRESET — connection is reset by the peer, we received a TCP RST packet

Refs: * * * * * *


Return error numbers for all errors in errnames on this platform.

The errno module contains different global constants depending on the specific platform (OS). This function will return the list of numeric values for a given list of potential names.