Read and contribute to Cheroot#

Make sure you read the README. Also ensure you set up pre-commit utility correctly and tests pass in GitHub Actions CI/CD workflows.

Submitting Pull Requests#

If you’re changing the structure of the repository please create an issue first. Don’t forget to write appropriate test cases, add them into CI process if applicable and make the GitHub Actions CI/CD build pass.

Sync (preferably rebase) your feature branch with upstream regularly to make us able to merge your PR seamlessly.

Submitting bug reports#

Make sure you are on latest changes and that you re-ran this command tox after updating your local repository. If you can, please provide more information about your environment such as browser, operating system, python version, and any other related software versions. It is also helpful to post a markdown snippet demonstrating minimum reproducible example of an issue.


See Contributing in the CherryPy docs.

First-time setup#

  1. Please, identify yourself:

    $ git config --global "firstname lastname"
    $ git config --global
  • Use the address bound to your GitHub account so that the commits would be linked to your profile.

  1. Choose an editor for Git:

    $ git config --global core.editor vim
  • Create and log in to a GitHub account

  • Fork Cheroot to your GitHub account by clicking the Fork button

  • Clone your fork locally:

    $ git clone{username}/cheroot
    $ cd cheroot
  • Also, you can clone fork using ssh:

    $ git clone{username}/cheroot.git
    $ cd cheroot
  • To create a new branch and switch to it:

    $ git checkout -b patch/some_fix

Write your code#

Building the docs#

To build the docs from a checked out source, run:

$ tox -e build-docs

Open the documentation:

$ xdg-open build/html/index.html

Also, one can serve docs using a built-in static files server. This is preferable because of possible CSRF issues.:

$ python3 -m http.server --directory build/html/ 8000

After that, you can open http://localhost:8000/ in your browser.

Read more about Sphinx.